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Why a Tour Company?

The year was 2019. A weird and wonderful year where I was able to do some travel with family, take on some really cool work projects and meet some lovely new friends. I also took a break from rigorous physical activity, in previous years having done running, and triathlons. I stayed active with activities with my kids, drumming with my pipe band, walking and my continued love of paddling (canoeing, kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding).

With consulting work, I found I was sitting for long periods of time. Inactivity, “they” predict has worse health effects than smoking. I also have a strong genetic disposition of developing more progressed rheumatoid arthritis. My hands are already feeling the effects.

After reading this great article ( I thought what can I do to intentionally program more movement into my life?

This notion of increased activity combined with the fact that I like to be active, be outside, paddle, walk and converse with people, made me ponder. I was fortunate enough this year to have time to allow myself to dream a little. Why can’t I combine these different interests and create my own tour company? I've always thought about it in the back of my mind. What do I have to lose (says every entrepreneur everywhere, lol)? I could be active and engage with friends and visitors alike. And with that, Nature’s Edge Tourism Company was born.

Following a great SUP instructors course put on by Paddle Canada instructors "Hopper" and Brad Friesen, and updating my first aid from Canadian First Aid Training, I am stoked to share my passion for the water and paddling with others in our beautiful Manitoba waterways in the summer and exploring Manitoba's trails by snowshoeing and nordic and skate skiing in the winter.

Nature's Edge Tourism is here to create memorable, outdoor experiences where people can feel awakened. We are here to help young and old folks alike to get moving: motion is lotion. It is not necessary to be a professional athlete or travel thousands of miles to have access to adventure and experiences! We can create them right here at home, with Nature's Edge.


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