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Caring about Communities

Paddling is one of those activities that becomes a lifelong sport and leisure activity. Many who paddle know the benefits and love to connect with nature. What I also love about paddling is that it builds community. When asked - what is community? My response usually aligns with "connecting with those that care about the same things as you do"....whether it is geographical or interest based. The stand up paddleboarding community, and paddling community in Manitoba has so much to offer. Another cool thing about paddling is that you get to learn about different communities with your own small community of paddlers.

Nature's Edge Tourism operates under the notion of caring about community - be it paddlers or in a geographical sense. We don't know everything, nor will we pretend too. We are lifelong learners. We care about trying our best to make sure paddlers feel welcomed and safe while they try SUP. We care about providing an opportunity for paddlers to try a sport they think they would have never thought to try. We care about getting people on the water even if they just want to "sit on the board". We have increased our board fleet to increase our range of offerings and supports for paddlers that need that extra care.

Nature's Edge Tourism also cares about giving back to the communities where we paddle and are always open to new and innovative ideas. We have supported the Maskwa Project, the Minnedosa Food Bank, and the St. Malo Wildlife Association. We also enjoy supporting other small Manitoba businesses in our paddling adventures - whether promoting culinary treats at food establishments, partnering with other small businesses (Dead Horse Cidery, Prairie Cricket Farms or Hike Manitoba), or buying supplies from our local paddling shops (Hard Core Surf and Paddle, Wilderness Supply, to name a few).

Manitoba has so many amazing people, places and organizations. The Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre has development programs, Paddle Manitoba has a membership base and resources, Kayak Manitoba and Stand Up Paddleboard Manitoba on Facebook has a great group of paddlers that are always there to help with information or paddling events. The Red River Paddle Challenge helps promote adventure and paddling in our own backyard.

So the next time you are considering learning or going on your next paddle adventure reach out to your community! And if you aren't sure where to start - call us or email us. We are more than happy to help you - cause we truly care.


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