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  • What do I learn in a Clinic?
    A stand up paddleboard clinic is a 2 hour lesson that teaches you the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding. You get to learn about SUP equipment, different kinds of boards, safety and environmental awareness, entries and exists, standing up on the board, paddling techniques and more. It is a great investment of time because it helps you get UP and ON the board, but also how to CONTROL your board. A SUP clinic is a great way to get set up for a summer or season of paddling fun!
  • How is a SUP clinic different than a SUP tour?
    At Nature’s Edge Tourism, we like to go the extra mile to learn about the communities and waterways where we are paddling. Once you have taken a SUP clinic, or have some equivalent paddling experience, you can join a themed tour where you can practice your SUP skills, meet like minded people, and explore and appreciate the surrounding environment. Themed tours are classified as MILD where the conditions/location is easily accessible and capture the spirit of SUP fun. Tours may also be more on the WILD side where we take on an adventure with a bit more edge and spontaneity. Stoke is guaranteed!
  • Do I need to own a SUP to do a clinic?
    Nope. Nature’s Edge Tourism provides all the gear required to have a great time paddleboarding. We use Cascadia Hardboards, Blackfish carbon fibre paddles, leashes and PFD’s for all users. We also bring along a few inflatables so you can try both hard boards and inflatables and feel the difference. If you have bought your own SUP and want to use that for a clinic, you are more than welcome. We just ask that you adhere to the cleaning guidelines and decontaminate your board as per the Provincial guidelines:
  • Do you paddle if it is raining?
    Nature’s Edge Tourism will continue to paddle if there is light rain, and we ask that you dress for the weather. If a clinic has inclement weather, thunderstorms, or high winds we will work with you to reschedule the clinic or tour for a mutually agreeable time, or refund your money. We care about delivering a fun and safe experience for all our clients, and want you to love the water as much as we do. That starts with safety in mind.
  • What should I wear for Stand Up Paddleboarding?
    What to wear depends on a variety of factors. What type of SUP are you doing, what time of year, in what conditions and in what temperature (air and water). For recreational paddling that we undertake from Mid June to Mid September, we recommend athletic clothing (nothing cotton), a hat, water shoes or sandals and an eye glass band if you wear glasses. We also recommend that you come well rested, hydrated and bring some water and snacks with you. A towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, mosquito spray and a dry bag to put your valuables into is also helpful. If you don’t have a dry bag, we sell them for 10$ and 15$.
  • Once I have done a clinic, what’s the next step?"
    If you have taken a basic flatwater course and you loved it, you can practice on your own (with a float plan – aka tell a friend or family member where you are and when you will be back) go to a paddle night, or paddle with a group of friends or recreation group. You can also extend your skills by taking an Advanced Flatwater Clinic. Other types of SUP paddling include moving water or river SUP/river surfing, SUP for fitness, SUP racing, and SUP touring. It is also fun to SUP with friends who kayak or canoe and have races. Lastly, you can participate in SUP tours or races such as the Red River Paddle Challenge.
  • How old do you have to be to SUP?
    Generally speaking, SUP clinics and tours with Nature’s Edge Tourism are for clients aged 10+ for them to be on their own board. That being said, Nature’s Edge Tourism offers custom bookings for friends groups, families, organizations, or corporate gatherings. Children aged 9 and under can try SUP with their parents on the same board, and we also have kids kayaks (that can be towed) that can allow for a bit of independence but still provide a safe and controlled environment. We can also cater clinic lengths based on the ages of the clients. Have a family of 4 with two kiddos and want to paddle? No problem we have water games and challenges that are fun for the whole family.
  • How “in shape” do I need to be for SUP?
    If you can kneel on your knees, and are comfortable bending to stand up, you can SUP! SUP is for anyone aged 4 to 80 +. Come with an open mind and a bit of an adventurous spirit and you are guaranteed to have a good time. We don’t just give you a board and send you off in the water. We teach you the fundamentals so that you can learn how to be confident on your board. Our clinics are not geared for endurance paddling. We go through the basics so that you can build your skills at your pace.
  • I want to try SUP, but I don’t know if I can stand. What can I do?"
    In a SUP clinic, we review different stances and paddling positions. There is more to SUP than just standing on the board. We review prone paddling, sitting, kneeling and standing. The versatility of SUP is what makes it so great. Some people love standing, and others love to kayak their SUP. There is no judgement. We work with you at your comfort level so that you feel confident on the water. Sometimes it takes people 10 mins to be up and on the water and sometimes it takes people 2 clinics before they feel comfortable. We work with you at your pace because that is the best part – seeing people shift their perspective from “I don’t think I can do this” to “holy cow, I am actually doing this”!
  • What are the benefits of SUP?
    Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the most versatile water sports because you control the type of waterways you want to go on, the type of board you want to paddle, and how fast you want to paddle. You do need to be mindful of wind, and choose your locations appropriately. There is nothing better than that free feeling when you find yourself in the lake, away from the crowds, paddling and seeing the scenery, experience the breeze and the glistening of the water. On hot summer days, there is nothing better than paddling out into the lake and jumping into the water (with your leash on of course) and going for a swim. Watching the fall colours from the water is double the fun – you get to see the colours and chase the beautiful reflections. SUP is also an all body workout that keeps you moving without the impact stress. SUP is great for the mind, body and soul. Water is the answer!

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